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July 9, 2014
Professor Paul Workman joins Nuevolution as Scientific Advisor
June 26, 2014
Serial Entrepeneur Dr. Peter Hirth joins Nuevolution as Corporate Advisor
May 21, 2014
Dr. Brian Zambrowicz has joined Nuevolution as Director and Senior Scientific Advisor to the Board of Directors


Chemetics® - A Quantum Leap for Small Molecule Lead Discovery

Nuevolution is a company dedicated to revolutionize fragment and HTS based lead discovery by applying its proprietary Chemetics® technologies enabling unprecedented synthesis and screening power for rapid and cost-efficient identification of drug leads.

Chemetics® represents the ultimate “convergent” drug discovery technology – a unique, patent protected fusion of proven wet chemistry and molecular biology methods producing an unrivaled capacity for synthesis and screening of millions to billions of drug-like molecules in a single test tube.

Nuevolution has demonstrated the power of Chemetics® by identification of highly potent and drug like novel ligands with the potential to address major unmet medical needs across a range of therapeutic areas and target classes. Nuevolutions internal programs focuses on therapeutically important targets within inflammation and oncology.






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